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The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation is an important member of the Joint Plans Committees one for north and central and the more recently for the Eastern sector of Johannesburg. These voluntary bodies examine proposals for demolition, alterations and additions to buildings and properties with regard to heritage issues and also town planning. If there are heritage qualities worth preserving and if the property is part of a special street or area then the focus will be on these.

Precinct Plans and Conservation: The Parktown East Ridge is a case in point where our role has been to ensure that future developments are designed to support heritage conservation. For more detail - click here

Legislation requires the listing of heritage resources as part of the preparation of the Precinct plan. This is often not done and the JHF works constantly on surveys especially in poorer neighbourhoods which cannot afford to commission consultants.

Corridors of Freedom: Assessing the impact on heritage resources, and commenting on Heritage Impact Assessments. The JHF is an active participant in the process.

Publicising Threats to Heritage Sites: If we learn of a threat we publicise it because the heritage belongs to all of us, not just the members of this organisation. In this we have received great support from the Media. If we are able to make objections perhaps in a rezoning or similar process we lodge objections. With very limited resources this is a problem, but it is a responsibility we take very seriously and we depend on members to alert us to any dangers.