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The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organisation and relies on income generated from tours, membership fees and donations to fund its activities.


How can you support us?

  • Become a member not only for the benefit it brings you but the credibility it gives our cause:
  • Make a donation:   Johannesburg Heritage Foundation’
                                        Branch Code 191605
                                        Account Number: 1944023011

If you do this by EFT mark it donation plus your name and e-mail us the information. If you want it to go towards the school tours or our research projects please let us know.



We have started a new group called Friends of the Cemeteries.

The Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo has given us approval. 
The aim of this group is to take care of the graves, initially in Johannesburg’s oldest and therefore heritage cemeteries, Braamfontein and Brixton. 

We need involvement on several levels:
People who are as passionate as we are about our heritage, to join work parties to clean headstones, cut back invasive vegetation and repair or lay flat, damaged or fallen headstones. People/Corporates/Businesses who will sponsor us.  We do not expect huge expenses as no-one is being paid to do this work, except for the security guards whom we will pay to protect us as we work.  We will however need extra-long hosepipes, cleaning materials, large water containers with a pump attachment, etc.
Links to organizations such as the Monumental Masons, that can offer us assistance with the tackle we may need to lift fallen headstones, etc.
Possible links to the media, so they can come along to some of our work parties and publicize what we are doing

To join send your name to Sarah Welham and ask for an application form.

Some of the magnificent work done by the Friends of the Cemeteries

Here are two photos of before and after of Martha Sartorius’s headstone which we had fixed in the Braamfontein cemetery.



We shall be running a JHF fund raising book sale on the Heritage Weekend , 1st and 2nd  October. We invite you to gather your unwanted books for the book sale.  Please ask your friends and family for donations of books .  It is an opportunity to donate books, but also to buy some fresh reading material. Last year this effort raised approx  R8000 for JHF. We were delighted. Any books not sold are passed on to HOSPICE.

We'd like this year's book sale to be a bumper one .  All subjects welcome. Popular novels, classics, non- fiction ( history ) , heritage books,  Joburg books, S African titles, children's books, travel, biography.  Cooking  hobbies.  

Please drop off your donations at the Holy Family Convent, Heritage Resource Centre Monday or Thursday mornings between 9am and 2 pm or at the office at Northwards.  We have a storeroom available as a storage depot.  

All contributions most gratefully received.